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Higher Ed Policy Portal Database

The Higher Ed Policy Central is your web-based policy tool for...

Policy Research & Analysis • Policy Design & DevelopmentInstitutional Benchmarking

As a subscriber, you receive instant access to thousands of policies from institutions of higher education in a user-friendly interface.

Search policies by keyword, location, school, and more

Simple to navigate and save policies in a comparison view

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Policies from Higher Ed institutions added daily

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Search, filter, and collect

The Higher Ed Policy Central allows you to add policies to My Saved Policies, view policies in text and image formats, and export saved policies to Microsoft Word.


Learn how policies are enacted across various institutions. Search by institution name or policy text, including filters for:

  • State
  • Publish year
  • Public
  • Private non-profit
  • Private for-profit
  • 4-year
  • 2-year
  • Less than 2-year

A solution you can trust

The Higher Ed Policy Central is brought to you by CollegeSource, the higher education industry’s trusted provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions, serving more than 2,000 colleges and universities—as well as millions of users worldwide. Other solutions include TES® the Transfer Evaluation System, Transferology®, uAchieve® Degree Audit, and uAchieve® Planner. Learn more at

In the news

“As academic and institutional policies have historically been an intrinsic part of institutions’ course catalogs but now are scattered throughout various print and online resources, we recognized the critical need for a policy research and reporting repository to enable collective best practices across the industry...”

–Troy Holaday, CollegeSource President